A key advantage for Banyan customers is our rebuilding and restoration expertise, which offers great value to companies looking to extend the useful life of their existing equipment.

Banyan can restore Jeffrey Rader® wood hogs and rotors, greatly improving your overall return on investment. If your process or material has changed, we can review the changes with you and update the machine accordingly.


Advantages of the Banyan crusher rebuilding program

We will completely take apart your machine and rebuild it from the ground up. Relevant parts will either be custom-rebuild or completely replaced with original Jeffrey Rader® parts. We will then expertly clean and prepare the machine, give it a fresh coat of paint and return it in as-new condition, guaranteeing many years of productive and efficient operation.

  • Lets you update your equipment, to adapt it to new processes or materials
  • Lets you easily make upgrades or improvements after the machine’s initial purchase
  • Extends the useful life of your equipment and increases your return on investment
  • Returns equipment to specifications for superior, long-lasting performance
  • Offers good value for money, since completely rebuilding is usually a fraction of the cost of buying comparable equipment new